I guess I should post a post...

Well, this is my blog... I guess I should go ahead and post on it.

Today is raining like crazy, but that's just living in Navua. Navua gives the word "rainforest" a new meaning... it rains like a foot a day here, seriously. The rice fields around our house are more like rice ponds at the moment, and the rain is still merrily coming down. If you drive 10 minutes east toward Suva, the rain clears up. If you drive 15 minutes west toward Nadi, the rain clears up. It is just our own little pocket of the world that sits in a perpetual downpour. It's a good thing we live on the top of a hill, or we would have to build our house up on stilts like some of the other people on our road.

Today mom and I are stringing cots for the boat. I have blisters on three fingers from trying to pull the ropes tight... see, there are these aluminium frames and these rectangles of canvas with gromets in them, and the idea is to use the rope and wind it through the gromets and around the metal and pull it tight so that we can put the cots up in the boat and sleep on them and end up with something more like a cot than a hammock. Myself, at this point in the pulling-tight-ropes process, I'm thinking hammocks would be just fine with me.

Last night we went to youth group, Q and I did. That is one awesome youth group, I like it more every time I go. I don't quite know what it is about it... maybe it's Malcolm, the youth pastor. He so obviously cares about all the kids that come. I mean, really, he's pulling out 100+ teens on a Friday night to come sit for an hour and half to listen to... preaching! And it's good solid Christian teaching, too, awesome stuff.

He called out a few Bible verses that were a wee bit difficult to find... books like Amos (right after Joel, and before Obadiah, in case you were wondering)... hm... and he took note of the fact that some of us were wandering through our Bibles, a bit lost... and so he told us to all memorize the books of the Bible in order before next week. I think I shall have to brush up a bit... couldn't remember if 1&2 Kings came before or after 1&2 Cronicles... and I may have gotten Zepheniah and Haggai out of order in my mind. Nahum... is not right before Revelation, actually, that's Jude. And... yeah, we shall take another look that table of contents and get those straigtened out for next week.

Alrighty that was a very long first post for this blog, but I'm bored today, it's a rainy Saturday, what am I supposed to do other than ramble on? hm? But this lovely post has come to an end now, as I really have to go string another cot. *looks woefully at blisters on my fingers*

Later people, God Bless, and learn your books of the Bible before next week.


  1. Hey Danielle -- thanks for your help with the cots -- they will be very cozy at Kavala tomorrow night!!! love you, mahmee

  2. Sounds really interesting! All except for making the cots, which I gatter you would have rather skipped if it was at all possible too!

    So now you're talking to yourself, huh? Just kidding, I see that the first post is actually from your mom.

  3. haha, yeah, I can't get anyone else to comment, so I must comment myself... ha. I set up that account for my mom a while back, and I guess I forgot to change the display name!

  4. Ha. Well, you're off the hook for going crazy right now.